The <strong>city of Céret</strong> will put on its best clothes of light for its traditional Feria. The weekend, long awaited by thousands of visitors and the whole Catalan country, a weekend in the blue and white colors, a “real” holiday weekend and Catalan traditions, where you can: <ul> <li>To vibrate to the sound of hooves horses and bulls during abrivados,⁣</li> <li>Have a good time with friends or family, in the shadow of the Bodegas,⁣</li> <li>Discover bullfighting with the brand new craft market,⁣</li> <li>Admire folk dances and traditional Catalan culture⁣</li> <li>Inebriate yourself with the sound of the many bandas that will criss-cross the alleys of Céret,⁣</li> <li>Laugh, sing, have fun with the many bands and DJs that will make you dance to their music until the end of the night so that the Feria de Céret remains one of the most beautiful friendly ferias of France. The Feria de Ceret can not be explained, it is lived intensely, which makes all its charm and all its attraction. That’s why we want this huge Fête Populaire be even more beautiful with you!